Choo! Choo!

All aboard the Aari Express! I know a few of you have been waiting, and patiently I may add, for this part of my adventure to come alive and I am finally able to say that it is officially now on my "to do" list. Since I have been taking photos and just not posting them publicly, I will finally be working on getting them out. 

Photos will be posted here & on my NSFW Twitter account. If you haven't already and would like to, please give it a follow (@nsfwaari). If you'd like to view the photos on my site, you'll be required to have a password. Which you can purchase for $5 over on my Patreon. All photos will be different depending on where you're viewing. Naturally more timid images for the public eye while all risque photos will be available for purchase through Patreon tiers. One of the bigger things I'd like to do is a mini photo shoot set that will be available through Patreon as well. 

A few things have changed on my Patreon page and since I met my first goal and am now working towards another, I wanted to give a quick update on what exactly is going on with the NSFW portion. I'm sorry things are taking longer than I hoped but I want to give out quality content.

Thanks for sticking around and don't forget to check back to see the changes!