I almost went an entire month without posting in the gossip blog. I know, right?! I had A LOT I could have said but I'm glad that I didn't just run to the blog when I was in a mood because this one would have been posted more than once this month. 


I can't tell you how much this heats me up. Humans are sexual beings. We don't use the art of sex as just a means to procreate. It's a means of stress relief, relaxation, happiness and just because. No one should be out there regulating what a person does in their bedroom. If you are not a participant in the sexual content taking place then you don't get to speak on it. Also, if you ARE a person involved in the sexual content taking place it is not your PLACE TO TELL EVERYONE ELSE ABOUT THE SECONDARY PARTY! Especially if not given expressed permissions. 

This month alone I have seen people try to "out" other people regarding their kinks or sexual preferences and it's NO ONE'S BUSINESS! Take this Blac Chyna incident for example. She's a victim of something that is now known as "revenge porn". A guy she fooled around with took video of her performing sexual acts with him and, without her consent, he has exploited her and her sexual nature. And for what? What exactly did he gain from this? Not to mention, her. Did anyone take into consideration that she just may not have wanted the entire fucking world to her see going down on some dude?! I mean really, guys. Are you all this keen on showing the world you're getting laid that you had to go and "leak" a sex tape?

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I know I'm not the only woman in the world who feels a bit empowered when they're "feeling themselves". However, that doesn't mean I want my sexual prowess to be shared with the world. If and only if I decided to share that, it will be on my terms. Why? Because it's my body, it's my life and no one other than the higher powers and me should judge me based on what I like or enjoy. 

Ya know, I've tried to be more timid online. I've tried to tame my tweets (which is why I don't tweet much now) and soften my demeanor in general but the stone cold facts is, I am not that woman. I know who the fuck I am. I know what the fuck I like and I'll be damned if some punk ass motherfucker is going to try to make me feel bad for living. 


As a person very fond of sex tapes. (OMFG YES, I KNOW!) I can see how this would be heartbreaking. First and foremost, in order to make any evidence of a sexual encounter, you need to be at least trusting of this person. If you can't trust them, why do it? Secondly, it's like an unwritten rule that you just don't go show other people. The point of the video is to have a visual remembrance of an encounter, that you may or may not remember (depends on how you party.) and to maybe, occasionally use to ya know. But that is it! It's not to be displayed to your lady or gentleman friends or at worst, the entire world! 

    I guess it just comes down to not making sex tapes anymore. Which sucks for couples who are in long distance relationships or couples who have been in committed relationships or even those who like to spice things up a bit in their bedroom to keep their relationship going. Oh wait, I think that covers just about every single person alive who is engaging in sexual intercourse. STOP THE SEX TAPES, EVERYONE! 

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Or maybe not be a  douche bag about someone trusting you enough to even entertain the idea of video taping them in their most vulnerable time.