The Elder Scrolls Online

I've been playing The Elder Scrolls Online for about four days now and I'm so sad that I will be having to take a break for medical reasons for a few days. I have fallen so in love with Tamriel. It's absolutely stunning and the best way to get me to stay in a game is to have beautiful scenery. I'm a sucker for a folder full of screenshots. 

I'm currently bouncing between the Warden, Sorcerer and Nightblade classes and of course, I've decided to play an Elf for them all. The Warden plays similar to a magic using Hunter...which I really love while the Nightblade plays rather assassin-y but the best part about this game is that you don't necessarily have to play the classes the way they are written. For instance, my Warden is very much a damage/healer type character while my Nightblade is played in full stealth mode. The Sorcerer is basically your typical mage but again, all the talents and traits can be intermingled so you don't necessarily have to play solely as a mage type. 
I would definitely recommend making a class and playing with the talent tree to see what play style best suits you.

Here are a few screenshots I've taken during my game play over these last few days of my Warden and Sorcerer. I wish I could post them all but I really just wanted to capture the stunning landscape and details that create the world of Tamriel itself.