I have been playing Staxel since yesterday afternoon and have not been able to think about anything else. I have been waiting what seems like forever to get this game from the first time it crossed my timeline on Twitter. It's just so cute and the characters you meet are all interesting and maybe a little bit familiar in their own way


Of course the minute you see this game you think, Ooh Minecraft, and yes, Minecraft is the staple for pixel-sim games but you really should give this game a chance before brushing it off. Unless you tend to gravitate towards these games often, you may find some interesting elements to it. Personally, I am drawn to the whole build your farm from scratch idea. Building in general is one of my favourite things to do when I'm playing simulation games. Any form of crating or building generally takes precedence. 


If you chose to follow through with the tutorial, you'll get a walk through of the town with Farm Fan, who will then send you off to other villagers with task that await. While you're out harvesting you also have a chance to learn a new recipe to create whatever item you just harvested. Another thing that drew me to this game where the different races. Humans, Elvans and Caiths are all living together in this adorable little village. 




Thanks For The Memories.

It is with a (slightly) heavy heart that I publicly declare The Rebel Alliance has disband as a functioning guild. I know, I'm sad to see it go too but to be honest, I wasn't expecting some grand raid guild or anything of that nature. More so a place where people can log in, game and chat but then we started raiding and doing rather well, in my opinion. I will say that our last gathering as a group was very underwhelming. People who aren't even in the guild were bringing characters to the raid and doing a horrible job at producing Heroic numbers, myself included as I was stuck doing damage on my shaman. 


I don't know, I do enjoy the company that these guys bring to the table but in the end, I'm just over it all. I'm over people yelling at everyone in Discord, Buying character enhancements like flask or feast for raids, I'm tired of giving up my gold to raid members who aren't even raiding with the guild. I am no stranger to broken guilds or friendships. In the end, its always made me a better person and opened up more doors than it would if I just sat and beat on the one that's closing. So after this week, I am officially done putting together raids for the guild.  

Warcraft is one of my favourite games and I hold it very dear to my heart for numerous reason so believe me when I say I am very protective of the game and of my time playing it. With as many people as I know who actually play the game, meaning they log in daily etc, I play with zero of them. Yup, nada and half of my online presence revolves around this game! It just seems that whenever I bring someone into my little WoW bubble, sooner or later they make the bubble smaller or they pop it all together. 


I am fiercely loyal to the Alliance so I will still be raiding, that will never change,I just won't be raiding with anyone particular anymore. I have spent a lot of time in this game solo or in a very, very small group and I think, at least for now, that I want to keep it this way. 

All Aboard the Hype Train!

If you're a big Blizzard Ent fan like myself then I'm sure you were somewhere on Twitter today if not actually at Blizzcon when the World of Warcraft news was announced. Okay, first, let me jump straight into that cinematic. I If you haven't see it yet, don't worry. I'm going to drop it below and you can check it out right now!

Pretty freaking cool, right? As an Alliance player I have to say, when Sylvanas gets all epic banshee queen and starts flipping over walls and shooting her arrows. I'm like, "YASS, GIRL, YAASSS!" and in that moment I crave to be Horde again but in my heart I know I'll always be an Alliance girl. Anduin put me in my feels and when he yelled "FOR THE ALLIANCE!" I got goosebumps. 

I'm really excited about this new expansion, Horde and Alliance are going back to war. Which is sort of ironic considering we just came together to defeat the Legion but whatever, Blizz it's cool. The new races seem awesome, I'm sure you'll see me playing a Void Elf or one of the  Lightforged Draenei. 

 Void Elf, Dark Iron Dwarf, Lightforged Draenei. 

Void Elf, Dark Iron Dwarf, Lightforged Draenei. 

 Nightborne Elf, Zandalari Troll, Highmountain Tauren

Nightborne Elf, Zandalari Troll, Highmountain Tauren

We've all heard those trade chatters, "I've been playing since Vanilla" "Vanilla WoW is so much better". They seemingly never get off trade chat but maybe now that Blizzard is taking the game back to its roots with World of Warcraft: Classic, they'll have a reason to step outside of the main cities for awhile.

 Check out the sweet, sweet trailer below.

All in all, I'm pretty stoked about the announcement. I'm always excited to hear what the Blizzard team has been up to with their games. I'm such a huge fan and World of Warcraft has, and still is, a huge part of my life. I've been playing on and off for almost 9 years now. It's a game that has gotten me through a lot in my life and I'm sure it's a game I will continue to play no matter what is going on in my life. 

Props, Blizz. You guys did good.