Yes, I'm Gaming Again

 In before "But Aari, you said you were quitting gaming for good!" Yeah well I say a lot of shit and if you really believed I was leaving gaming in the dust you really don't know me at all. On that note, I'm excited to be jumping full force back into World of Warcraft and joining the Discord HypeSquad in the process. My personal Discord and I are repping the  House of Balance.  Perfect, right? 


So, it's been a few days since Battle for Azeroth dropped, four days to be exact, and already friends of mine have reached maxed level. Personally, that's a bit much. I'm currently at a cool 113 of 120 and I renewed my sub two days ago. I don't play my maxed character as much as my newly made Horde characters so that may attribute to my lack of levels but it amazes me that people level in such a quick manner. I'm stoked to be back fighting for the Alliance in Azeroth again though. I'm not as stoked with some of the character changes but those are things that I can grow to enjoy over time, I always do. 

I just want to get to max level and see what end game is about. Then join the collective by either complaining that I reached end game so quickly or slowly slacking off with end game content and then complaining about not having enough time to complete it. Either way! I'm going to enjoy taking all of my character into Azeroth.