The Void

Since joining Discord I've had one helluva go at getting a community going. I had one vision which then changed when I had another and so on and so forth. However one clear thing remained and it was that I wanted a central hub for my friends and I to gather whenever we can and just have some laughs. So far, I can say I have created something of that nature. Granted it's not nearly as active as it was in its infant stages but honestly, I think it's because I've given up trying to mold it into more of what I want it be. 

Don't get me wrong, I love my little server and the people in it but I'd be lying if I said it hasn't gone stale. My lifestyle has changed and a lot of my lifestyle choices have also changed so naturally I, as a person, will have evolved too. Unfortunately not everyone evolves and putting my energy into this server isn't something I can do any longer as I feel my efforts are either overlooked or ignored. 

So, I've changed the name of my current server, deleted some channels and it's back to being my personal Twitter feed for now just a smaller place to yell into the void. A place when apparently I am at my best.