What A Long Strange Month Its Been

Oh hello, I blog too.  Sometimes.
But uh, lets catch up shall we?

First and foremost, my PC is officially up and running and my gawd is it glorious. I'm so happy to have my rig back, I can't even explain it properly and it's really pretty too! Plays Final Fantasy XIV like a dream and I can finally turn up ALL the particle density in World of Warcraft without losing frames. The load time is insane! I'm so used to being able to grab a snack or something while I log in but nope, this baby pops right on and it's awesome! Everything plays so damn beautiful on this thing and it's quiet. So quiet. I freaking love it. 


Other than the new rig, I've been toying around with photography and cosplay. It's been a lot of fun but also more work that I've piled onto my already slightly overfilled plate. Instead of pre buying costumes, I've been researching alternatives and recreating costumes from things I can find locally at thrift stores or through items on Amazon. There will be a few costumes that I will have to flat out purchase because there would be no real way for me to recreate the outfit on the time crunch that I've put myself in but I did just buy the main parts to my August cosplay. I'm kind of excited about it because it's one I've been wanting to do since I saw the movie. Hint #1. 

My website is still in flux. I have an idea of where I want it to go but at the same time, I just feel like it's such a trivial thing to worry about right now because I have other hubs for socializing and sharing. However, this really is the only place that I am currently blogging so I just may switch it up to be more blog friendly. Ah who knows, I'm always reinventing myself and my style so naturally everything that has my creative touch on it will too. Guess you'll just have to stick it out and see! 

Oh yeah, I'm also back in Warcraft. /cheer


I have such a long history with this game. I mean, it's the game that really turned me into an "adult gamer" in my eyes. I was put on bed rest a little before I hit three months pregnant with my twins and I was bored! My husband offered up his Warcraft account to me while he was at work so I could pass the time and keep busy. I was hooked. My first character ever was a Shaman and how fitting that I am back to playing a Shaman as my "main" after almost six months of not being subscribed and eight months since I uninstalled all together. I've really missed the game. The community can seem like shit sometimes but I've learned that one bad apple doesn't have to spoil the whole bunch and I'm very lucky to say I've made some great new people to raid with. 

It's hard finding a group of people you can vibe with more so an environment where you can feel that way while trying to accomplish a task. I'm learning that just because person A and person B are great people separately doesn't mean that person A or B can work well together. I've seen emotions and tensions rise over this game and to be honest, I have had my fair share of rage but I'm at the point now where I play this game because its a game that has opened doors to other games and other communities and I know, no matter what, I'll always find my tribe of drunken raiders.