Well my weekend started off on the right track until Saturday night I was hit with the worst pain ever! Thanks to my amazing procrastinating skills, I have now managed to create an even bigger problem with my broken tooth. Now I have to wait until tomorrow to hopefully get into my dentist for an emergency extraction. Honestly, I'm not even afraid of the extraction part more so my dentist yelling at me for putting it off as long as I did. But in my defense, I had to put it off. I was pregnant with Aerith this past year and anything dental related had to be put on the back burner just probably not as long as I did. Oops. 

Ah well, I'm honestly just hoping this can be remedied within the week seeing as how this is my birthday month and I am celebrating my glorious transition of another year. Another crazy, unpredictable year. It's been fun don't get me wrong, I've made new friends as well as experienced the loss of, what I thought would be, long lasting friendships. I've form some semi solid bonds with people and have lessened the bonds on others. Sure I have things to complain about but what is the point? Why complain about things that aren't in my control? It's really only lead me to be overly stressed out and a totally kill joy. Nobody wants to be around that. 

As I charge forth into my thirties, I plan on taking with me only things that make me happy, keep me grounded, spiritually uplifted and connected to my environment all while discarding everything that's toxic. People, things, thoughts. No more putting time and effort into things that will not allow me to grow mentally, physically or spiritually. I'm ready to be the glorious me that so many people believe me to be and have waited patiently to see again.

So hold on, guys. This next year is going to be one wild and exciting adventure.