April Fools!

Oh how I wish what I went through was an April Fool's joke. Unfortunately for my girls and myself, it wasn't. Somehow, after we left church on Saturday, we contracted a nasty little stomach bug that basically rendered us all inoperable human beings for the entire night of Saturday and almost the entirety of Sunday. We basically all made spots on my bed to which we didn't move in inch safe going to spew liquids. It was horrible. No one was spared. We were all in so much pain and misery. Talk about April Fools. 

Have you ever had that type of pain? The pain where your hair follicles hurt? You body aches so badly that you're afraid to move for fear that you might break? Ugh, seeing my babies that weak and helpless and being in the same position, was pure crap. What made it worse was that the twins had a speech to do for Easter at their church and once I text'ed my family to let them know there was NO way we were going to make it, they gave me crap about them needing to be there to say their speeches. Like, um, how can they say speeches when they can barely move? Or even be awake without vomiting? I swear, some people have their priorities all wrong. 

Alas, we're all doing much better. The girls started feeling better late into the evening Sunday and I became a somewhat normal person again at the wee hours of the morning. Since I didn't eat anything in two days, I am starving and decided to treat myself with some bacon wrapped sirloin. It was pretty damn amazing if I do say so myself. Although I'm unsure if it was amazing because it was amazing or because I haven't eaten in two days. Either way, will definitely be making again. as it was a family hit. We also had green beans and cauliflower mashed potatoes (with bits of bacon) which was fun to make. At least the for the kids, they each went wild pureeing the cauliflower. Something I was surprised they also ate. 

I have to admit, I really enjoying being in the kitchen again. I've been so lazy with my food choices lately. I was eating out so much and I wasn't really enjoying it except for half the time. Plus, the food just taste way better when it comes from stove to mouth instead of stove, to box, to delivery driver, to mouth. It also helps that when I'm hungry, I'm normally super hungry and I'm starting to lose patience with my delivery service around here so back to cooking I go. 


Now that my belly is full and my body is feeling somewhat better, I think I'm going to go do a bit more online browsing/shopping. I bought a pair of yoga pants that have pockets! I'm so excited. I hate working out and having no where to put my phone while I'm listening to music or podcasts. I try to keep it on the stands on the machines but it never works out that way and I've cracked a few of those screen protectors more times than I would like to admit trying. I also bought a few other things to play around with and I'm excited for those too.

On second thought, maybe I'll just relax with the remaining episodes of Children of the Whales. If you haven't seen this yet, I definitely recommend it. It's streaming on Netflix now and there are only twelve episodes, so take a weekend and binge watch if you can. What draws me to this is not only the emotional story but the illustrations as well. If you aren't invested from the first few episodes, you probably won't be from there on out because sometimes it can feel as if the episode went by too quickly and there wasn't enough time to fully grasp certain arcs. But if you're a sucker for a gorgeously illustrated and animated anime with a beautiful soundtrack, this is definitely the show for you.