Black Panther

So I was lucky enough to have all the kids spread out over the weekend to be able to catch the Black Panther movie. I won't even lie, I had to fight back some tears a few times but I was totally there for it. One of my favourite things to do when a movie I'm interested comes out is listen to the soundtrack first. It's sort of an unwritten rule, the music sets the mood..always. So I listened, on repeat at times, to the music that accompanied the movie and by the time I went to see the movie I was IN IT. 


The whole movie was visually stunning, I was mesmerized by even the smallest of details they managed to bring to the big screen. This movie touched on every emotion. It was thoughtful, humorous, packed with some amazing action scenes. I would say probably one of the best movies I've seen since Deadpool. Hands down. But that comes from an old lady who rarely leaves her house so you'll have to see it for yourself and form your own opinion.