Happy Friday!

Wow. It's only 8am and already I have had a more eventful day than ever. Since I am without transportation at the moment, I decided to walk down to the corner store this morning to grab a few things for the day. Nothing exciting, creamer for coffee, snacks for my littles and another package of diapers. I went off on my little adventure right after I grabbed my headphones and walked my oldest kids to the bus stop. Its a gloomy day, no sun, light showers and cold, really cold. But I endured and ya know, I was actually enjoying my little walk. Until I reached the store and realized they didn't open for another 20 minutes. I stood around a bit, debating if I wanted to wait or walk further down the road to another. 

Justin Timberlake's 'Man of the Woods' released and I was deep into the album when I felt this tight grip and pull on my arm. My hoodie fell, covering half my face, I peeked out to see a guy I've never seen before squeezing my arm. I panicked, I thought he was going to snatch me up and toss me into the car waiting as he dragged me towards it. I kept looking back over my shoulder praying someone from the store was watching the cameras, someone saw me being unwillingly pulled in a direction I didn't want to go but nothing.

I was pushed against the car with one guy holding me there and another, in the car, grabbing all over my body as if he were doing a professional police search. I was terrified. I am terrified. I didn't know what they wanted. They barely said anything and it was all so fast. I'm shaken. I'm upset. I'm confused that there are people who are really just bad people. The guy in the car grabbed my bank card out my pocket and I was pushed to the ground before they took off. 

I stood there a second, broke down into tears and then headed back home. I called my children's father and sobbed uncontrollably. I stood outside the next store and just cried on the phone, pacing back and forth because I didn't want to walk home right away. I made it home, talking to him on the phone the whole way and looking over my shoulder like I wasn't walking down a busy road but some desolate highway in some strange town. The area I once knew and loved became suddenly unfamiliar. 

I was able to contact the card issuer to report my card was stolen. I'm still shaken, less sad, more angry than anything. I can't believe I let this happen. That I let some punk ass dudes take what's mine but then I look over at my sleeping babies and I realize that it could have been worse. I had full intentions on taking my almost one year old and four year old to the store with me but my gut told me not to and I am ever so thankful for that. 

The card is replaceable. The lives of my children and myself are not.