If you've been following me on social media for the past seven or so years then you at least know one of two things. The first being that I keep my "real" life separate from my "online" life.  It's not that I'm ashamed or am attempting to portray my life as one way when it's really another. In fact, my reasoning has nothing to do with me at all. Which leads me to the second, I am a very fierce Mama Bear. I will protect my children with my life and the best way for me to protect them, in this day in age, is to keep them away from social media for as long as I can. 

When I first started out on Facebook and Twitter, I posted a lot of real life things. Pictures of my family, my days doing fun mommy things etc but then I noticed that my pictures were being stolen. Pictures of my girls and that frightened me. My very biggest fear for my ladies is to be subjected to a sexual predator. You may call me over reactive but they are everywhere! In fact, someone I once knew and invited into my home turned out to be a sexual predator. The moment I found out, I freaked and it was then and there that I decided to be more vigilant. 

I love my children and just because I don't post about them online isn't an indicator of my affection. My twins are eight and excuse me while I toot my own horn here but the girls are gorgeous. All of my children are just beautiful beings and with grown ass men thinking they can "save a photo for later"  in regards to me, I wonder if others do the same but in regards to my daughters. There is one person who stands out. When the twins were younger he would save photos of the girls and I to put on a fake Facebook profile, saying how we were a family and how much he loved us. 

The shit was fucking creepy, guys. 

I wouldn't have ever known about it either if it wasn't for a mutual friend of ours who spoke up and sent me the link to the profile. So, no, I'm not a weirdo who is trying to lead a double life with multiple social media accounts but I am a weirdo who is trying to keep their children safe. If it really irks you that much that I have dual Facebooks or Instagrams then really why are we friends?