Discord Update

Spent the morning organizing and cleaning up my Discord server. I've been using Discord in conjunction with my Patreon and at first it seemed like a no-brainer to do so but then my Discord quickly became this place that I didn't like being. Not saying that Patreon was the reason I didn't enjoy being there. In fact, it was the opposite. People whom I've associated with for awhile on one platform or another were invited and it was suddenly filled with nothing but negativity. Those people brought all their drama and it was really just bringing me down. Being an empath, I really hate negative vibes so I did some spring cleaning. Nothing behind it more than I'm reclaiming my time and space. 

So here's what's new: Categories have been deleted and/or merged. I completely did away with the "Rants" section. No offence to those who want to rant but I am tired of being emotionally drained by people who give no shits about me working on my mental health while trying to maintain a place of positivity. To put it plainly, I'm sick and tired of people using my Discord as a place to put their woes. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind talking to you on an individual basis when and if you'd like but when that is literally the ONLY form of Discord participation you partake in then yeah, I'm done. Again, all of these changes are so I can work on my mental health with those who make me happy. We all have problems, issues, whatever and yes, it's nice having people to talk to but that's the problem. There was never talking, just complaining. I won't tolerate one or two people ruining the vibe of everyone else. #sorrynotsorry

Along with cleaning up my Discord server, I've always renamed it. GG Gamers is officially Kawaii Uchi which translates to Kawaii House. The name change comes from me pulling back from a gaming Discord to a much more generalized theme. Yes, we are all gamers but we're also more than that. I want that to be represented properly in the name as well as the current and upcoming changes. 

So, slowly over the course of the week channels and categories will become available again but for now, I'm taking a break to work on a few other things I have up my sleeve. If you'd like to offer up suggestions, feel free to message me in Discord or on any other platform that we may share together. 

Happy Sunday!